Obesity is the biggest problem for the world. 76% of population of the world is dealing with the problem of obesity, obese people have the highest chances of getting heart attack and heart diseases, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure and many other.

People who want to lose their fat or want to get slim and trim figure, and they are bored with gym and dieting here we are giving you best and easy remedy to lose your weight.

This fat cutter soup will give you taste and a perfect figure.

Fat cutter soup:

This tomato and cabbage soup was rumored, in days of old, to melt away those fat and weight, this soup will help you to be healthy by reducing your weight.



These ingredients are necessary to make this delicious and fat cutter soup.

3 onions chopped onions

Place carrots, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, green beans, peppers, and celery in a large pot. Add onion soup mix, tomato juice, beef broth, and enough water to cover vegetables. Simmer until vegetables are tender. It can be refrigerated for several days, if you will take this soup as your meal, and avoid fatty products.

Will lose your weight, its not only give you slim figure but also gives you many health benefits.

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