Oils are the best natural treatment for you beauty, if you want beautify your skin your hair these oils will help you to have fair and glowing skin and as well as beautiful hair, and also makes your body beautiful.

Here we are telling you some natural oil that will enhances your beauty and will make you attractive and beautiful.

Natural oils for Beautification:

Tea tree oil:

Research shows that tea tree oil helps zap bacteria. In one trial, it beat a placebo gel (which has no active ingredients) at treating acne and calming inflammation, that is the reason why tea tree oil is so much used in a beauty product.

Chamomile and Peppermint


You probably think of chamomile as a relaxing tea, and it is a relaxing tea but the oil from this daisy-like plant can also calm your skin. Skin specialists call it an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic,which helps or face redness and irritation and protects your skin from infections and smooth your skin.

Coconut oil:

the most common and used oil is coconut oil, many people are using it because of its availability and its cheap cost but it is  protects and moisturizes it, and soothes the scaly, rough patches that go along with common conditions like eczema, too.

And also good for your dry and cracked skin too, it is also make your hair long shiny, and beautiful.

rosehip and carrot oil:

This oil will help you to make your stretch marks disappear. You’ll find vitamin A in lots of skin care products. It’s a retinoid that helps replace old skin cells with new ones and make collagen, which can ease color changes from scarring and stretch marks.

castor oil:

Castor oil is also help you to enhances your beauty. Castor oil is another home remedy said to thicken brows and lashes. Before you try it, ask your doctor if it’s safe, since it would go near your eyes. The jury’s still out as to whether it really works.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is so healthy for your health and also make your hair and skin more and more beautiful and amazing, The oils will soak in overnight and nourish with good-for-you fatty acids. You can use other types of oil for this, too.

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