Migraine is known as the headache of varying intensity, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound it attacks to the patient if change of weather and also if patient take so much stress and also in the condition of doing so much work. Strokes and migraines share many of the same symptoms and are sometimes mistaken for each other. But does a migraine cause a stroke or vice versa? Research will give have the conclusion.

Studies do show that if you get a lot of migraines, you may have a higher chance of having a stroke later in your life. But the risk is small.

Can migraine cause stroke:

If you have sudden severe headache, loss of vision and feeling weakness in your muscle it could be a migraine but be aware it also can be a stroke, for this you should consult to a doctor. A doctor should see you to say for sure.

Migraines and stroke connection:


People who get migraines may have a greater chance of having a stroke caused by  blood clots.

Because of hormones dis balance woman have more chances to have migraines then to men.

Some people who get migraines know their next one is coming because they see a warning or symptoms about it and they see, aura, like flashing lights. But people who have auras with their migraines have a greater risk of stroke than those who don’t have auras, research shows.

Higher chances of having strokes:


Birth control pills

You’re younger than 45.

If you are dealing with frequent migraines you should consult to a doctor for this, migraines can be prevented by a proper medication and precautions.

Tips to lower the chance of Strokes:

Quit smoking as soon as possible.

First consult to a doctor if you are going to take Birth control pill.

Control your Blood pressure, high blood is the cause of strokes.

Keep telly your Cholesterol level.

Control your Blood sugar.

Keep your weight to a healthy range.

Do exercise every day.

Don’t take so much stress.

Less consumption of nicotine means less consumption of tea and coffee.

Take proper sleep, and healthy diet.

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