It is normal for people to become a bit forgetful as they age. Normally people forgot many things like normal things every day but if this problem become serious it causes you major problem.

But Alzheimer’s disease related to memory loss is one of the dangerous for people. One in eight people 65 and older have this devastating form of dementia. In its first stages, Alzheimer’s may not be obvious to friends and family. But there are some early warning signs to watch for.

These are the signs of Alzheimer:

Speech trouble:

In Alzheimer disease initial sign is Your loved one may forget conversations you had. They may repeat questions that were already answered. The disease also disrupts speech, so she might struggle to remember common words. They forgot many things during conversation.



Early signs of this disease is there will be major changes take place in behavior of the patient. Mood swings and lapses in judgment are also common, as is poor hygiene. People who were once stylish may start wearing stained clothes and forget to wash their hair and may get lost in familiar places.

Don’t take to much time to take action:

If your loved ones having these signs, don’t wait for the right time or something else what you need to do is to see a doctor sooner rather than later.

What happens to the brain:

In Alzheimer disease the nerve cell’s are dead and tissue will loss throughout the brain. When disease gets worse, brain tissue shrinks and areas that contain cerebrospinal fluid become larger. The damage harms memory, speech, and comprehension, and other diseases.

Worst situation:

When Alzheimer become worst and Sometimes the symptoms get worse quickly and lead to severe memory loss and confusion within a few years.It could take 20 years for the disease to run its course. Most people live 3 to 9 years after diagnosis, but some people in 3 to 5 years.

Can Exercise help:

Can exercise help to your loved ones, Yes Physical activity can help your loved one keep some muscle strength and coordination. It might also boost his mood and help him feel less anxious. But what exercises our are good for Alzheimer patient.

Check with their doctor to learn which types of exercise are appropriate. Repetitive activities, like walking, gardening, or even folding laundry may be the best at giving him a sense of calm.

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