What you will do to make your self more stylish, more exotic, more hotter, i know what you are thinking about, to color your hair to look like this. Coloring your hair is in trend and vogue everyone opting this option to make oneself different and stylish.

But the question is that, Is it safe for health or not?, here you will get the right answer about it. the main ingredient used in coal-tar dyes caused allergic reactions in some people. Most hair dyes or hair color now are made from petroleum sources.

But FDA still considers them to be coal-tar dyes. This is because they have some of the same compounds found in these older dyes, and this chemical causes health disasters.

What’s the Truth:

The study about hair dyes and hair color proves that, There have been some studies that have linked hair dyes with a higher risk of some cancers. Other studies, though, have not found these links. But you should keep in mind that most hair dyes don’t have to go through the same safety testing that other cosmetic color additives do before they’re sold in stores.

Cosmetic makers have stopped using compounds known to cause cancer in animals. But chemicals made almost the same way have replaced some of those cancer-causing agents. Some experts feel that these newer ingredients are not much different from the things they are replacing now.



Health experts suggest that you may reduce your risk of  cancer by using less hair dye or hair color, so if you want to be protect your self from cancer and want to lower the risk of this dangerous disease, avoid it.

These are the precautions if you are applying hair dye:

Never dye your eyelashes and eyebrows. The FDA bans the use of hair dyes for eyelash and eyebrow tinting or dyeing even in beauty salons.

Be sure to do a patch test for allergic reactions before applying the dye to your hair. Almost all hair dye products include instructions for doing a patch test, it is important every time to do this test to safe your self from allergy

Don’t leave the dye on your head any longer than needed, rinse it the right time that have been assigned on the packet.

Wear gloves when applying hair color, to protect your hands from chemical.

Carefully follow the directions in the hair dye package, don’t use your tactics.

Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after using a hair color.


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